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The Houston OCD Program was invaluable to me in my recovery.  I had been dealing with anxiety and OCD for over a decade, and been to numerous therapists and psychiatrists.  The program was definitely one of the most useful treatments I have received.  My whole view on my illness has changed.  I have gone from habitually avoiding and procrastinating to wanting to face my problems head on and not let them run my life.  The Houston OCD Program teaches you what you need to know not just to get better, but to stay better.  You can get your life back.  Seriously.  If you are dealing with serious OCD and/or anxiety and other methods have not helped, I highly recommend their programs.  It’s hard work, but it absolutely beats the alternative of staying sick.  The staff are all fun, nice, and interesting, and they will be there for you all along the way.  The Houston OCD Program will change your life for the better.  It definitely did for me.