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Intensive Outpatient Program

We offer a highly specialized Intensive Outpatient Program for adults with moderate to severe OCD and other anxiety-related disorders. Clients in the Intensive Outpatient Program will be assigned to work with a cognitive-behavior therapist.

houstonocd-7542The client will first meet with a behavior therapist to complete a thorough diagnostic assessment that utilizes empirically validated instruments, behavioral observations, patient and family history, and past treatment records. Next, the client will collaborate with the behavior therapist in developing an individualized treatment plan based on your symptoms and unique difficulties. We will then implement an evidence-based cognitive-behavioral intervention, the gold standard treatment for those suffering from anxiety disorders. Our goal is to not only alleviate your symptoms, but also to prevent these symptoms from returning again. To achieve this goal in the context of our short-term intensive program, we actively address relapse prevention early on in treatment to help you feel prepared for tackling future challenges after your treatment stay. Finally, as you are often living with family (spouse, partner, parents etc.), we include family education and support within our IOP.

Individuals in the Intensive Outpatient Program typically meet with their cognitive behavior therapist for three hours per day, five days per week. However, length and frequency of meeting is flexible and can be tailored to your needs based on severity of symptoms and personal schedule. Most clients stay in our program 4 to 8 weeks. Clients can also reduce frequency and length of sessions over time, offering a nice further step-down as they experience improvement in symptoms.

Individuals who may benefit from our Intensive Outpatient Program include:

– Individuals with moderate to severe OCD or other anxiety disorders;
– Individuals who have tried weekly outpatient therapy in the past but have not made sufficient progress;
– Individuals who are currently utilizing outpatient therapy and are looking for a way to make more significant progress in a shorter period of time; and/or
– Individuals who are looking for a step-down from a residential or inpatient program.

Our intensive programs are not appropriate for individuals who have active addictions, active eating disorders, and/or are actively suicidal. For these individuals, we recommend an inpatient setting (see Resources).


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Testimonials From Our Sister Program

  • Joe, Florida
    The program is very sound and practical. The staff couldn’t be any more supportive and helpful. They, one and all, treat you in a very warm and respectful way. I would recommend the program to anyone who has tried outpatient therapy and has not progressed in a satisfactory way.