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Recent Publications & Presentations

Publications: Selected Examples

Hart, J., & Björgvinsson, T. (listed on Beyond OCD): Roadmap to Recovery: Families of Adult OCD Sufferers Living at Home.

Björgvinsson, T., Hart, J., Wetterneck, C., Barrera, T., Chasson, G., Powell, D., Heffelfinger, S., & Stanley, M. (2013). Outcomes of specialized residential treatment for adults with obsessive compulsive disorder. Journal of Psychiatric Practice, 19(5), 429-437.

Wang, C., Wang, J, Tang, T., & Björgvinsson, T. (2012). Psychometric validation of Dimensional Obsessive-Compulsive Scale (DOCS) in Chinese college students (多维强迫量表(DOCS)在中国大学生中的修订). Chinese Journal of Clinical Psychology, 20(3), 315-319.

Wetterneck, C., Little, T., Chasson, G., Smith, A., Hart, J., Stanley, M., & Björgvinsson, T. (2011). Obsessive-compulsive personality traits: How are they related to OCD severity? Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 25, 1024-1031.

Calleo, J. S., Hart, J., Björgvinsson, T., & Stanley, M. (2010). Obsessions and Worry Beliefs in an Inpatient OCD Population. Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 24(8). 903-908.

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Storch, E. A., Björgvinsson, T., Riemann, B., Morales, M. J., Lewin, A., & Murphy, T. K. (2010). Factors Associated with Poor Response in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Pediatric Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic, 74, 167-185.

Hart, J., & Björgvinsson, T. (2010). Health Anxiety and Hypochondriasis: Description and Treatment Issues Highlighted Through a Case Illustration. Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic, 74, 122-40.

Stanley, M., Björgvinsson, T., Frueh, B.C., (2010). Special Issue: Update on the Nature and Treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive-Related Disorders. Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic, 74, iii-vi.

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Davidson, J., & Björgvinsson, T. (2003). Current and future treatments of obsessive-compulsive-disorder. Expert Opinion on Investigational Drugs, 12(6), 993-1001.

Presentations and Interviews

Anderson, E., Zwecker, N., Fullerton, G., & Rinehart, K. (2014). Treatment of severe obsessive-compulsive disorder in intensive treatment: Sudden gains and dropout. Panel discussion presented at the 33rd Annual Anxiety and Depression Association of America conference, Chicago, IL.

Van Kirk, N., Anderson, E., & Björgvinsson, T. (2014). An introduction to motivation and compliance in the treatment of OCD: Translating theory and research to clinical practice. Symposia presented at the 33rd Annual Anxiety and Depression Association of America conference, Chicago, IL.

Van Kirk, N., Fraire, M., Brown K. R., Anderson, E., & Clum, G. (2014). Anxiety disorders and comorbidity: Unique treatment barriers and how to overcome them. Symposia presented at the 33rd Annual Anxiety and Depression Association of America conference, Chicago, IL.

Sistrunk, C. (2014). Social Anxiety Disorder. Presented at the 41st Annual Conference on Addiction Studies, Houston, TX.

Sistrunk, C. (2014, September). OCD 101. Presented at the Houston LPC Association. Houston, TX.

Sistrunk, C., & Gerfen, J. (2014, August). Hoarding and Clutter: Digging Out. Presented at the Thomas A. Glazier Senior Education Center. Houston, TX.

Gerfen, J., Sy, J., Sistrunk, C., & Anderson, A. (2014, July). Preparing for Life After Treatment: Relapse Prevention. Presented at the 14th Annual OCD Conference, Los Angeles, CA.

Björgvinsson, T., & Lee, S.(2014, July). Health anxiety/hypohcondriasis: Cognitive behavioral therapy and transcultural adaptation. Workshop presented at the International OCD Conference. Los Angeles, CA.

Sapp, F., & Anderson, E. (2014, July). How to beat OCD: Developing an effective toolbox. Workshop presented at the International OCD Conference. Los Angeles, CA.

Anderson, A., Gerfen, J, Sy, J., Zwecker, N., & Sistrunk, C. (2014, July). Overcoming UnacceptableThoughts: Reducing Stigma and Understanding Treatment for Adolescents. Workshop presented at the 14th Annual OCD Conference, Los Angeles, CA.

Sistrunk, C., & Anderson, E. (2014, April). Working with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Presented to the N.W. CASY: Council of Agencies Serving Youth Cypress Creek Hospital. Cypress, TX.

Sistrunk, C. Gerfen, J., & Sy, J. (2014, February). Social Anxiety Disorder. Presented at Kingwood Pines Hospital. Houston, TX.

Sistrunk, C. (2013, October). Assessment and treatment: Cognitive behavioral therapy for OCD. Grand Rounds Presentation at Scott & White Department of Psychiatry. Houston, TX.

Sistrunk, C., Smith, H., & Clayton, W. (2013). Treatment of OCD: How to go Beyond and Increase Quality of Life. Workshop presented at theInternational OCD Conference, Atlanta, GA.

Brown, K.; Van Kirk, N., Sistrunk, C., Clayton, W., & Rinehart, K. (2013). Overcoming Unacceptable Thoughts: Reducing Stigma and Preparing for Treatment. Workshop presented at the International OCD Conference, Atlanta, GA.

Zwecker, N.A., Anderson, E., Fullerton, G., & Björgvinsson, T. (2013, April).OCD and Comorbid Disorders: Implications for Treatment and Outcome. In Ellen Teng (Chair) Examining the Impact of Integrative and Disorder-Specific Treatments for Anxiety. Symposium conducted at the meeting of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. La Jolla, CA.

Anderson, E., Brown, K., Van Kirk, N., Fullerton, G., & Zwecker, N. (2013, April). Ethics in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: What Makes Good Practice. Symposium conducted at the meeting of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. La Jolla, CA.

Sistrunk, C. & Anderson, E. (2012, November). The basics of OCD Lecture: A focus on children and families. Presented at Kingwood Pines Hospital Lunch and Learn. Houston, TX.

Björgvinsson, T. (2012, July). Introduction to OCD Treatment – Part I: Assessment and diagnosis of OCD. Chair of a workshop for therapists new to OCD treatment conducted with Patrick McGrath, PhD. Presented at the International OCD Foundation Conference. Chicago, IL.

Björgvinsson, T. (2012, July). Introduction to OCD Treatment – Part II: Exposure/Response Prevention and Medication Management. Chair of a workshop for therapists new to OCD treatment conducted with Evelyn Stewart, MD. Presented at the International OCD Foundation Conference. Chicago, IL.

Björgvinsson, T. (2012, July). Introduction to OCD Treatment – Part III: Family, Child and Adolescent Therapy. Chair of a workshop for therapists new to OCD treatment conducted with Felicity Sapp, PhD, and Eric Storch PhD. Presented at the International OCD Foundation Conference. Chicago, IL.

Anderson, E., Fullerton, G., Sistrunk, C., Van Kirk, N., Bjömsson, A., & Björgvinsson, T. (2012, April). Motivation, Adherence, and Treatment Effectiveness in OCD and OC-Spectrum Patients.Clinical roundtable discussion at the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Arlington, VA.

Björgvinsson, T. (2012, April). The Assessment of Previous Treatment Failures and Current Treatment Resistance in a Residential/Inpatient Setting. In Van Kirk, N (Chair) symposium titled: Understanding Treatment Resistance in Obsessive- Compulsive Disorder: A Focus on Assessment. Paper presented at the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Arlington, VA.

Björgvinsson, T. (2012, February). Intensive CBT for Treatment Refractory OCD. Grand rounds conducted at Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre (previously titled Royal Ottawa Hospital), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Cawley, T., Anderson, E., Putnam, K., Weixlmann, A., & May, R. (2012). Learning about residential treatment from both perspectives. Workshop presented at the International OCD Foundation conference, Chicago, IL.

Sapp, F. & Anderson, E. (2012). How to beat OCD: Developing and effective toolbox. Workshop presented at the International OCD Foundation conference, Chicago, IL.

Van Kirk, N., Brown, K., Anderson, E., & Heffelfinger, S. (2012). Overcoming unacceptable thoughts: Reducing stigma and preparing for treatment in adolescents. Workshop presented at the International OCD Foundation conference,
Chicago, IL.

Anderson, E., Fullerton, L. V., Sistrunk, C., Van Kirk, N., Björnsson, A., & Björgvinsson, T. (2012). Motivation, adherence, and treatment effectiveness in OCD and OC-Spectrum patients. Roundtable discussion presented at the 31st Annual Anxiety Disorders Association of America conference, Arlington, VA.

Anderson, E., Smith, A. H., Wetterneck, C. T., Hart, J. M. & Björgvinsson, T. (2011). Treatment outcomes and lessons from a CBT-intensive residential facility for transdiagnostic anxiety disorders. Symposia presented at the 44th Annual Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies conference, Toronto, CA.

Anderson, E. R., Brown, K., Fullerton, G., & Björgvinsson, T. (2011). When ERP goes bad: Response to treatment in difficult to treat OCD cases. Clinical workshop presented at the 31st Annual Anxiety Disorders Association of America conference, New Orleans, LA.

Björgvinsson, T. (2011, November). The effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for affective disorders in an acute naturalistic setting. Grand rounds conducted at the Department of Psychology, University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Björgvinsson, T., Van Kirk, N., Blair-West, S., & Kirby, H. (2011, September). Anticipating Treatment Pitfalls when treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Special focus on Intensive Treatments. Panel discussion presented at the European Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Reykjavik, Iceland.

Björgvinsson, T. (2009, March). Intensive Residential Treatment for Severe OCD helps patients after discharge. Interview conducted at the meeting of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

Poster Presentations

Stevens, K., Rinehart, K., Sy, J., Spellman, M., Kertz, S., Hart, J., & Björgvinsson, T. (2014). A Preliminary Investigation of OCD Symptom Dimensions and Psychological Inflexibility. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the International Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Foundation: Los Angeles, CA.

Rinehart, K, Stevens, K., Sy, J, Hart, J., Kertz, S. &, Björgvinsson, T. (2014). Using a Cognitive Behavior Therapy or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Lens to Examine Outcome and Satisfaction with Life in Severe OCD. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the International Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Foundation: Los Angeles, CA.

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